Thursday, September 28, 2017

Spiritual beings.

September 28, 2017

We are all spiritual beings, energy beings, living in an energy field.  All that we think, speak, and do influences the energy field within ourselves, our homes, our places of business or recreation, and the energy field surrounding the planet,  flowing into and throughout the Universe.  For better or worse, the energy contained in every thought, word, action and reaction has the power to change everything, bit by bit, a ripple effect into eternity.

It is in our own best interests to be mindful of the choices we make in our thoughts, words, and actions.  Destinies change as choices change.

Wishing you every-increasing moments of deep peace and mindfulness, from which your best choices will emerge, easily and effortlessly.

May you always live in peace, joy, and love.


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Thoughts to remember....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Thoughts to remember.....

Whatever we fight, we fuel;

 whatever we resist, persists;

because whatever we focus on, grows.

May you be truly blessed and filled with compassionate grace, peace, joy, and love, always.


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Monday, June 5, 2017

Six words.

Six words; three short phrases, any one of which, when practiced regularly, could dramatically change your life.

Six words:  Be grateful.  Resist Nothing.  Be kind.

Be grateful to the Spirit within which gives us breath and life, now and eternally.  Each of us who is breathing has endless blessings for which to be grateful.  Our miraculous, wonderfully-designed bodies go about their daily business requiring very little direction from us.  Perhaps that is why we have a tendency to take them for granted.  Take a moment, bless and thank your body for the heart that beats, the lungs that breath, the blood that flows to feed even the tiniest capillaries, eyes and ears, nose, and mouth, hands and feet, arms and legs, each doing its job to the best of its ability whether we pay attention to it or not.

Be grateful for a mind that can think and make decisions.  Be grateful for family and friends, food and home, furniture and transportation.  Be grateful for birds and animals, plants and trees, sky and clouds, and Divine Mother Earth that feeds us, clothes us, and provides the materials that shelter us.  Be grateful for everything you can think of, for everything you have, for everything that you can see, hear, smell, sense and touch.  Be grateful; gratitude is the magnet that draws to us ever more things for which to be grateful.

Resist nothing.  To resist nothing is to understand that whatever is happening is as it should be for the evolution of each of us individually and collectively, and for the evolution of the planet.  When we can accept that all is as it should be, and the only way it can be because it is all the end result of all choices made, then we can calmly work to change ourselves for the better.  We can choose to be a positive influence within our family and circle of friends, in the workplace, and wherever else we go.  To resist nothing is to accept that all that is is for our learning and growing spiritually, that we may be a candle in the darkness, and a source of comfort.  To resist nothing is to calmly accept what is and go about our own business, doing the best we can, being the best we can, and helping whenever and wherever we can.

Be kind.  Be kind to yourself, to others, to all life, and to Divine Mother Earth.  Everything that is, is alive and has its own consciousness, and everything is in need of kindness.  Being kind can change your world and the world of all those whose lives you touch.  Kindness saves lives, literally and figuratively.  We can save ourselves, others, and our beloved planet by simply being kind.

Wishing you all the blessings your mind and heart can hold.....and peace, joy, and love, always.


Copyright 2017

Eckhardt Tolle has a very beautiful CD titled, "Resist Nothing" that explains this concept so much better than I can.  This CD and Eckhardt Tolle's other CDs and books are available at Amazon.  The Sounds True website also carries his many books and CDs.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Prayers for leaders.

March 20, 2017

There has always been a need for prayers for the leaders of nations throughout the world, regardless of whether we agree with them.  Like each of us, they are doing the best they can with who and what they are, along with their perceptions of what is best.  Prayers for their wisdom and understanding is the positive approach; criticism of their every act helps no one, including ourselves.  When each of us, in our own way and in our own time, works for the betterment of all, the entire planet benefits and enlightenment advances.

The following prayer has helped me during these trying times and perhaps may help you, too.

"We send peace, joy, love, light, wisdom and understanding to the President of the United States, heads of governments around the world, and all humanity, and we are deeply grateful to God for healing us all."

Do the best you can; be the best you can be, and trust that all is working out for the highest good of each of us and all of us.

Wishing you all the blessings you wish for.....and peace, joy, and love, always.


Copyright 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Festival of Lights

February 1, 2017

Tomorrow, February 2, is the ancient Christian festival of Candlemas, the Festival of Lights, when traditionally people turned their faces to the light of the New Year.

I would like to share the following from The Saint John Retreat Center, White Eagle Lodge Newsflash for February 2, 2017:

"We will be joining together at noon (your local time) all over the world.  We are thousands strong.  If you are able to hold the light of the Christ Star for 15 minutes...or if your life only permits a few seconds - the Light still streams out most powerfully; this is how positive change is effected in this all-enfolding love.

'We will be using the following words, but as always, follow your heart, it is the love there which is the catalyst!

'We quiet the outer mind and open our hearts to the blessing of the Christ Star.  It is a perfect Star of the Christ love, gentle yet irresistible in its power.

'We link with all others who are taking part in this attunement and as a great company we hold in the heart of the Star all the people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  We see all refugees and all who are suffering in the light of the Star.  We especially hold all children within the enfolding, protecting love of Divine Mother.

'We also hold in the Star all in the international community who have the power to make a difference... We see all hearts and minds touched and inspired by the Star and the angels of the Christ Star circle.  We see the Star of love and peace TRIUMPHANT...."


When we reach out in prayer for others, the prayer is also for ourselves as we are all connected and we are all affected by everything around us.  Follow your heart.  Light a candle, send out a prayer to all humanity that we may all live in freedom, in safety, and at peace.  We can do these things any day of the year and be a light in the darkness.

With love and gratitude for all you do to further the Light.


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Monday, January 30, 2017

It is what it is.

January 30, 2017

It is what it is.  And all is as it should be for the evolution of the species, for all of us individually, and for all of us collectively.  It is what it is, and in it's very is-ness lie the seeds of change.

If there were no darkness, there would be no yearning, no searching for the Light.  Accepting all that is, is the first step in changing all that you wish to change.  The very act of fighting attracts more fighting;  hate attracts hate; love attracts love, gratitude attracts more things for which to be grateful; peace attracts peace.  Whatever fills our minds fills our lives and, like endless ripples on a stream, spills out into not only our lives, but the lives of all those we know and the lives of those they know and, in time, circles the planet and affects all lives, for better or for worse.  We are all connected and we are all affected.

There will be love, kindness, compassion, understanding and peace when each of us fills our own lives with those qualities that bring Light into the world.  Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see," and Marianne Williamson, "Don't fight the world you see; build the world you want to see."

Each of us is responsible, and each will be held accountable, for all that we send out in thought, word, and action into the atmosphere and into the collective consciousness.  If each of us will simply live with loving kindness in our minds and hearts, we will begin to see the changes we want to see, and the planet will heal.

Live your best life.  Live with peace, joy, and love in your minds and hearts and you will have the love and gratitude of all others who seek to do the same.  May you always be filled with love and light, and may you always have an understanding heart.

It is what it is.  Accept that and become the change you wish to see in the world.

My love and gratitude to all,


copyright 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Some favorite quotes for the New Year

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

All my best wishes for a wonderful New Year filled with all the blessings that your minds and hearts can hold.
I'd like to share some of my favorite quotes, all of which continue to touch my heart when I read them and think about them.

"With our thoughts, we make the world."  Buddha

"When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."  Maya Angelou

"What is most important is to discover peace, and to share it with others."  Thich Nhat Hahn

"Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people."  Eleanor Roosevelt

The Prayer of Socrates:  "Grant to me that I may be made beautiful in my soul within, and that all external possessions be in harmony with my inner self."

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere." Agnes Repplier

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."  Emerson

"As a mountain is unshaken by the wind, so the heart of a wise person is unmoved by all the changes on this earth."   Buddha

Let us remember that for every angry and violent action that we see, read, or hear about, there are thousands, if not millions of others who go about their daily lives in peace, doing the best they can; being kind to themselves, their families and friends; doing their part to help those in need; praying for peace.  In living ordinary lives in love and peace, we are transformed into the extraordinary and become the light of the world.

Be the mountain unshaken by the wind.  Regardless of what others are doing, be your best self; live your best life; be a light.....and the darkness disappears.

Peace, joy, and love, always, to you and to all.


copyright 2017